Virtual Tutoring

Virtual Tutoring for students in grades 3 - 12

Connect with your tutor in seconds!

The online tutoring platform is easy to use and only requires access to a computer, tablet, or laptop with a webcam.

Meet with your tutor on a set schedule and enjoy the flexibility of one-on-one tutoring anywhere where you have an internet connection. See how it works.

Curvebreakers is a results focused company that has a proven track record of success. All of our tutoring plans are customized to the individual student’s needs based on our incredibly detailed diagnostic system. We first virtually administer a full, timed, SAT/ACT exam. Our detailed score reports break down the results to make sure your student knows exactly where he or she needs to focus. Through our virtual classroom, Curvebreakers will formulate a plan based on data and YOU. We will help you understand your score and will take the appropriate and most effective steps you need to improve it. Our 99th percentile scoring tutors will teach your student industry leading test prep strategies, tips, tricks, content, and more!

See It For Yourself

This short video will show you just how easy it is to log into your room. And you’ll see all its cool features.

Even though you’re tutoring virtually, you can still have a free consultation and take practice exams throughout the process.

Benefits of Tutoring With Curvebreakers

  • Easy to use: Your tutor will email you a link. Simply click on it to enter your virtual classroom.
  • Our whiteboard software allows you to save notes & review them later.
  • Document sharing allows the tutor to share unlimited resources with you during your sessions
  • Stay more focused: With a pair of headphones, you will have less outside distractions.
  • Includes a free consultation to review students’ level and abilities to create a personal plan.
  • Includes two free practice tests with detailed, analytics of your test results (a $100 value).

The best part is that you do not even need to leave your home! Using powerful virtual classroom and whiteboard software, we are bringing Curvebreakers to YOU. We provide flexible scheduling and on demand services to fit your busy schedule.

Curvebreakers provides real results in the easiest form possible. We are delivering our accomplished tutors directly into your home or anywhere there is internet connection that is convenient for you.

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