What makes for good test preparation?

Individualization. Our program is based around you, the student. We never use cookie cutter plans to instruct our students, and treat everyone like family.

Our program was developed by our owner, Nicholas LaPoma, who has spent over a decade fine tuning his test preparation strategies and program and has guided numerous students to vast scoring improvements, 99th percentile scores, and admission to dream colleges and Ivy League schools.



Our Process

We have developed a sure-fire methodology for raising students scores. Not only do we raise scores, but we make all-around better students out of our clients. Better thinkers, better analyzers, better test-takers. And on top if it, we help you increase your score by leaps and bounds above what you get from test prep mills and cookie cutter plans. Here is the process:

Diagnostic Exam

We first use diagnostic exams to establish your skillset and understand each student's starting point. We also analyze your strengths and identify areas for improvement. Our reports are industry leading and the most detailed you can find. Knowing exactly where the student needs to focus makes our tutoring extremely effective, as well as efficient.


Tutoring packages include unlimited diagnostic exams

Reports breakdown results to reveal which content, question types need to be reviewed as well as timing

Score reports are available in 2-3 business days


Then, the owner, Nicholas LaPoma, sits down with the family and explains the diagnostic exam results and how to proceed, free of charge. For SAT & ACT prep, families are advised on the differences between the tests and helps formulate a personalized study plan - not only for tutoring - but also for when to take practice tests, when to take the real exam, and what to do in the future. This level of advice can only come from a true expert in test prep. You will not find this level of individualization elsewhere. After you select a package, Nicholas LaPoma assigns the best available tutor to your student - someone whose personality & teaching style helps your student be the most successful.


Complimentary consutlation with no pressure to purchase a package

Receive an individualized plan for your student from an expert in test prep

Start Tutoring

Curvebreakers teaches industry leading test prep strategies that will change the way you think – making you into a “natural born test taker” even if you struggle. Not only do our strategies work, but they are adaptable. We vehemently oppose cookie cutter plans for our students – each student gets a bespoke set of instructions that will enable him or her to succeed on the test. Since everyone learns and thinks differently, a one-size-fits-all approach to test prep simply does not work.

Also, we know the tests inside and out, so we teach you how to beat them, not how to take them.


Tutors are matched to students and are able to adjust to any individual learning-style needs.

All tutors are background checked and trained rigorously according to our standards & strategies.


Students have the availability of practice testing every few weeks during their study program, so they can establish new scores and get updated diagnostic reports. The tutoring sessions are fine-tuned to fill whatever gaps are still present. This process is repeated until the student achieves the score they are looking for.


Use real, previously-administered exams to check students' progress

Diagnostic Score Analyses are used to re-focus test prep to reach goals by planned exam dates.

Then, take your exam!

Want to get that dream score? You can do it with Curvebreakers. We firmly believe all students can succeed with our program.


Why Tutor with Curvebreakers?