Practice Exams


Take a Live, Proctored Practice Exam with Curvebreakers

☆ In Person at Our Office or Online via Zoom
☆ In a Group Setting or in a Private 1-to-1 Setting
☆ Curvebreakers only uses real, full-length exams

Click here to schedule an online practice exam
Or, call (516) 728-1561 to scheduled an in office practice exam.

Each Student Is Provided With:

  • A full-length practice exam & bubble sheet
  • Real test-day instructions from a live proctor
  • Timed sections with a timed break between sections 2 & 3
  • Score & diagnostic report within 2-3 business days
  • Option to purchase Diagnostic Score Analysis after taking two free tests.

New to Curvebreakers?

Students beginning their test preparation for standardized tests are allowed to take 2 FREE group practice tests and will receive their cumulative scores along with Curvebreakers' Diagnostic Score Analysis. This special report gives students and their parents an in-depth view of their test performance, which can also be used to build a personalized test prep strategy.

+ After your first two tests, you may take additional practice exams by purchasing the Diagnostic Score Analysis ($65 each).

Want to take MORE FREE practice exams?

You can! Here are two ways:

  1. Purchase a tutoring package of 10 hours or more and receive unlimited diagnostic practice exams.
  2. Register for a class and get 2 MORE FREE diagnostic practice tests.

When Practice Exams are Offered and How to Register

Exam Type Virtual Group Exam
Online via Zoom
(space is limited)
Privately Proctored
(online or in-office)
SAT Saturdays at 12pm EST Saturdays & Sundays Yes
ACT Sundays at 12pm EST Saturdays & Sundays Yes
PSAT Saturday Mornings only Yes
SHSAT Saturday Mornings only Yes
CHSEE / TACHS Saturday Mornings Only Yes
How to Schedule: Schedule Online Call 516-728-1561 to Schedule Purchase Test Online
Then Call 516-728-1561 to Schedule