School Partnerships


Building relationships with our local community and across the nation.

Our partnerships are important to us. We strive to make high-quality exam preparation and resources accessible to more students and support those who advocate for better education in our community. Parent Universities, career days for students, and library informational events are just some of the ways we reach out to families across New York City and Long Island. Whether itโ€™s a class, practice test, bootcamp, community fundraising event or school sponsorship, weโ€™re happy to help schools, libraries, and community organizations carry out their missions.

Want to know more about how Curvebreakers can partner with your organization? We’d love to hear from you.

What Does a Partnership Look Like in 2020?

While many of us recognize that online education for teenagers and young children is not ideal, we know that itโ€™s currently the safest option during the pandemic. Moving services online allows us to include all students who would like to participate without having to exclude anyone due to in-person, social distancing requirements.

Curvebreakers is able to offer practice exams, courses, and informational events for schools and libraries online. Weโ€™ve been successfully running online classes since the first day that schools closed and have been holding online, live proctored practice exams since May.

Curvebreakers events and courses for its partners provide the same level of quality and attention they always have โ€“ now with the added option of being online.

Online Options for Partners

The following events and courses can all be held virtually.

  • Live, proctored full-length practice SAT & ACT exams
  • Classes such as crash courses, bootcamps, and full-length classes.
  • Informational events such as a webinar or Q&A where the owner or other test prep experts can speak on a specific college-related topic of your choice.

Why Partner with Curvebreakers?

When you choose Curvebreakers, you are truly getting a partnership. We provide all of the tools and work with you every step of the way. We will assist your organization in the marketing of the courses and in educating the parents. The results of this partnership will be more educated parents and students, and overall better SAT/ACT scores for your students.

From public schools to private Catholic schools, our existing partners across Long Island and New York City include Hewlett High School, Friends Academy, Student Sponsor Partners (SSP), and Bishop Kearney High School in Brooklyn.

What You Get From a Partnership With Curvebreakers Test Prep

  1. A customized and affordable program to fit your schoolโ€™s needs. We can build out a program of SAT, ACT, and SHSAT classes and test prep related events that is specific to your school and your individual needs as an institution.
  2. We provide the highest quality tutors/instructors that have all scored in the 99th percentile. Each instructor is trained by our owner and staff in our methodologies, and is background checked to ensure the safety of your students.
  3. A true partner. We are a partner in every sense of the word. From advising parents on how to best prepare for standardized test and explaining the differences between the SAT & ACT to making sure each program is a success, we will be there every step of the way.
  4. Diagnostic Reports. Every student who takes a practice exam will receive their own, personalized analysis of how they performed on the test. The diagnostic analysis breaks down test performance by section and also examines how the student did for each question type, offering specific insight into what content areas & test-taking strategies are important for each student.
  5. We can also take the data from all students and present it on an aggregate level to reveal general patterns and narrow in on strengths and weaknesses of the group as a whole. This leads to a better course curriculum designed for each specific class of students. Want to see more? Download a PDF that explains the Group Diagnostic Report.

Added Benefits Include:

  • Local company with local ownership โ€“ we understand your community.
  • Free SAT, ACT, and SHSAT practice exams with diagnostic reports provided to each student.
  • Support and participation at school events on topics such as the SAT vs. ACT.
  • Information sessions and training of teachers and counselors.
  • Personal assistance with marketing โ€“ our marketing team will promote the courses, saving you time so you can focus on more important endeavors.
  • We give back โ€“ a scholarship for a deserving student of your choice.

Our Approach: Diagnostics & Courses That Focus on Results

The key with any SAT or ACT test prep is focus; students and parents want a program that will provide the right level of value for the time invested. Curvebreakers is always up to date on the newest changes to the test, skills required to do well, and teaching methodologies that simply work โ€“ without a long term commitment cycle. Our courses can be conducted in less than 2 months and can even fit in one week (Monday-Thursday).

Have a question about partnering with Curvebreakers? Let us know and weโ€™ll get in touch ASAP.