Learning Teams


In-Person* and Online Learning Teams

Form your own team of student peers and receive supplemental instruction from a subject expert.

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Form your own team of 4 – 15 students (8 student maximum for teams that meet in-office), and receive supplemental instruction from an expert in your chosen subject. This small group option provides long-term tutoring at a low per session rate and offers an opportunity for students to interact with eachother as well as their tutor. Teams can meet with their tutors together in person at the Curvebreakers’ office in Garden City or virtually. Learning Teams are for subject help only, and it is not available for preparation for college entrance exams (SAT, ACT, etc.).

Learning Teams Are Great For:

Learning Support

Supplementing Virtual School Instruction

Maintaining or Increasing GPA

How to get started

Have a group of 5-8 students to start a team?
Give us a call at 516-728-1561 for pricing and scheduling.

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*In person learning team sessions can only be held in our Garden City office location where we can socially distance 8 students and a tutor.


A learning team is formed and organized by the customer. A group of four (4) students is required to form a team. The maximum size of a team that can meet in person in the Garden City office is eight (8) students to remain within the current NYS social distance requirements. Virtual-only teams may include up to 15 students. Curvebreakers reserves the right to move any in-office team sessions online at any time. Students attending in person will be asked a series of questions and will be subjected to a scanned temperature check before entering the classroom. A team’s term runs concurrent with the school semester: not a full school year and not a set number of hours. There is no refund or pro-rating for missed sessions. Any sessions missed by one or several students can not be rescheduled.

The enrollment period for each team is one (1) week. Team members have until the end of the enrollment period to complete their enrollment forms and make payment in full. If any team member does not pay in full by the end of the enrollment period, the price per person may increase to reflect the number of paid participants. Teams will not begin sessions until enrollments and payments by all team members is completed.

Additional rules and restrictions may apply.