School-Parent Groups

School parent groups play a vital role in fostering home-school connections and are a powerful tool for families. As you know, one of the best ways to connect with families is to provide relevant information and resources to help them navigate the school years.

The truth is, parents worry about their child’s performance in school and on standardized tests. At Curvebreakers, we understand these concerns and work with students and their families every day. We also understand the importance of creating partnerships within the communities we serve. Therefore, we offer free events to schools, libraries, and parent groups – through our Partnership Programs.

Here are some of the ways we can partner with your parent organization – click on them to learn more:

  • Free Parent and Student Speaking Events – “Knowledge is Power!”
  • Student Access to Free SAT/ACT Practice Exams
  • Membership Benefits for YOUR Members:
  • Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Contact a Curvebreakers Team Member about any of these offerings today at 516-728-1561 or fill in the form below.