Diagnostic Testing

Testing & Analysis

Diagnostic testing and analysis is one of the most important parts of preparing for any standardized test. Taking real, previously administered exams in a timed setting allows students to practice under pressure. Students become comfortable with exam restrictions and section timing. Along with their section and cumulative scores, students receive Curvebreakers’ unique, detailed report that analyzes their strengths and weaknesses. When students begin the process of preparing for the SAT, ACT or any standardized test, a diagnostic analysis of their starting point helps us formulate a more pinpointed and individualized study program.

More About Our Unique Diagnostic Score Analysis for Standardized Exams

By drilling down further than our competitors, Curvebreakers’ diagnostic score analysis identifies patterns & trends in each section of the test and for each question type. We get to the root of why questions are missed and avoid covering material and questions your student already knows.

Download examples of an SAT or ACT Diagnostic Score Analysis

Diagnostic Mock Exam and Analysis